One-Endpoint Crossing Graph Parser

A range of tools related to one-endpoint crossing graphs - parsing, format conversion, and evaluation.
One-Endpoint Crossing parse example


A tool for converting CCG derivations into PTB-style phrase structure trees.
Conversion from CCG to Phrase Structure example

Colaboratoy Notebook for Coreference Resolution with SpanBERT

A notebook that (1) sets up the SpanBERT code and model, and (2) runs inference on text you provide.

Coreference Error Analysis

A tool for classifying errors in coreference resolution.
Coreference Analysis step example

Neural POS tagging

Implementations of a POS tagger in DyNet, PyTorch, and Tensorflow, visualised to show the overall picture and make comparisons easy.

Parse Error Analysis

A tool for classifying mistakes in the output of parsers.
Parsing Analysis Example

SLATE: A Super-Lightweight Annotation Tool for Experts

A terminal-based text annotation tool in Python.
Annotation UI screenshot

Text to SQL Baseline

A simple LSTM-based model that uses templates and slot-filing to map questions to SQL queries.
Text to SQL baseline model structure

Adaptive CCG Supertagging Model

A model for the C&C supertagger that gives the same results with smaller beam sizes, enabling faster parsing.
Example CCG category assignment