I am recruiting PhD students to start in 2022 and 2023!

See my recruiting page for more information.

Picture of Jonathan K. Kummerfeld

My work: I aim to make language a complementary part of the interface for any application (e.g. from desktop spreadsheets to mobile apps). This involves solving a range of fascinating challenges through new methods in Artificial Intelligence and Crowdsourcing.

Executable Semantic Parsing (e.g., text-to-SQL)
Human-in-the-Loop Systems / Hybrid Intelligence

Me: I am currently a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney, and a Research Associate II at the University of Michigan.

In mid-2022, I will be a Senior Lecturer (ie., research tenure-track) at the University of Sydney.


September, 2021: Congratulations to Laura and Andrew for their EMNLP and Findings of EMNLP papers, on the stability of embeddings in different languages, and an architecture for interpretable models built out of smaller, more focused models.

August, 2021: I’ve been awarded a DECRA Fellowship by the Australian Research Council.