Current / Upcomming


  • Natural Language Processing, Sydney, Semester 1 2024
    I encourage third year students with a Distinction average in CS subjects to take the course!



  • Natural Language Processing, Sydney, Semester 1 2023
  • Artificial Intelligence, Berkeley, Summer 2014

Teaching Assistant:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Berkeley, Fall 2011
  • Artificial Intelligence (Advanced), Sydney, Semester 1 2009
  • Informatics (Advanced), Sydney, Semester 1 2009


  • ACL Mentorship: How to Keep Up with Work in the Field, September 2022, YouTube


  • “Collaborative Human-AI Systems for Databases, Diplomacy, and more”
    University of Technology Sydney, November 2023
    Human-in-the-Loop Applied Machine Learning Workshop, September 2023
    Monash University, July 2023
    University of Melbourne, July 2023
    CMU, April 2023
    Georgetown, April 2023
    Georgia Tech, April 2023
    UT Austin, April 2023
  • “People, Artificial Intelligence, and language”
    Sydney, Basser Seminar, October 2022
  • “You Are What You Train On: Creating Robust Natural Language Interfaces”
    Oracle, September 2022
    Cornell Tech / Cornell University, April 2022
    CSIRO, April 2022
    Spotify, February 2022
    UW-Madison, March 2021
    Yale, February 2021
    3M / MModal, February 2021
    Google, February 2021
    University of Maryland, College Park, February 2021
    George Mason University, February 2021
    University of Arizona, February 2021
    Northeastern University, February 2021
    Virginia Tech, February 2021
    University of Sydney, January 2021
  • “Towards Parsing Multiple Syntactic and Semantic Representations with a Single Model”
    Midwest Speech and Language Days & CL Colloquium, May 2018
  • “Representing Online Conversation Structure with Graphs”
    Berkeley, February 2018
  • “Location and Language; Analysing Cybercriminal Markets”
    Sydney Humans, Language, Technology MeetUp, August 2017
  • “Extracting Structured Information from Noisy Online Text”
    Macquarie University, August 2017
  • “Modeling Discourse Structure with Conversation Graphs”
    Midwest Speech and Language Days & CL Colloquium, May 2017
  • “Parsing with Graph Structured Output”
    Macquarie University, June 2016
  • “Linguistic structure & parsing in practice”
    Sydney Humans, Language, Technology MeetUp, May 2016
  • “Algorithms for Parsing with Graph Structured Output”
    University of Sydney, May 2016
  • “Capturing More Linguistic Structure with
Graph-Structured Parsing”
    Information Sciences Institute, March 2016
  • “Tasks and Tools in NLP”
    CommonCrawl Big Open Data Hackathon, May 2014
  • “Where did it all go Wrong? New Tools for Automatic Error Analysis in NLP”
    Cambridge, August 2013
  • “What’s Wrong with this Parse Tree?”
    Berkeley, December 2012

Guest Lecturer:

  • DATA3406: Human-in-the-Loop Data Analytics, Sydney, Semester 2, 2022
    “Human-in-the-Loop Natural Language Processing”
  • COMP2022: Models of Computation, Sydney, Semester 2, 2022
    “Grammar and Human Language”
  • DATA3406: Human-in-the-Loop Data Analytics, Sydney, Semester 2, 2021
    “Human-in-the-Loop Natural Language Processing”
  • DATA1002: Informatics: Data and Computation, Sydney, Semester 2, 2021
    “Natural Language Processing”
  • Conversational AI, Michigan, Spring 2020
    “NLP: Overview, Non-DNN Approaches, Computational Linguistics”
    “NLP: Special topics (research)”
  • STEM Posse, Michigan, Summer 2019
    “Workshop building language models”
  • The Anatomy of Natural Language Processing Systems, Michigan, Winter 2018
    “The Sapphire Dialogue Project”
  • The Beauty and Joy of Computing, Berkeley, Summer 2014
    “Artificial Intelligence”
  • Applied Natural Language Processing, Berkeley, Fall 2013
    “Live: Coding a Parser to Understand the Challenges of Parsing”
  • Proseminar in the Digital Humanities, Berkeley, Spring 2013
    “The Latest in Entity Recognition and Syntactic Parsing”