Recruiting: Undergraduates

Learn about NLP and research in my lab!

Honours / Senior Theses

Apply by emailing with:

  • Subject line “Honours application: [your name]”
  • Transcript(s) (PDF or images)
  • CV / Resume (PDF)
  • A brief description of your interests

I will consider your application and if I think you would be a good fit, I will suggest we meet for a brief interview. Based on that, I will then make an offer to join my group.


For the Australian summer (December - February), I recruit students through the Engineering Vacation Research Internship program:

I do not currently recruit students for the middle of the year (May - June) as I travel frequently during that time.

I generally do not respond to email requesting an internship.

Dalyell Projects

Please email me if you are a student in the University of Sydney’s Dalyell program and interested in doing research for credit.