Look Who's Talking: Inferring Speaker Attributes from Personal Longitudinal Dialog


We examine a large dialog corpus obtained from the conversation history of a single individual with 104 conversation partners. The corpus consists of half a million instant messages, across several messaging platforms. We focus our analyses on seven speaker attributes, each of which partitions the set of speakers, namely: gender; relative age; family member; romantic partner; classmate; co-worker; and native to the same country. In addition to the content of the messages, we examine conversational aspects such as the time messages are sent, messaging frequency, psycholinguistic word categories, linguistic mirroring, and graph-based features reflecting how people in the corpus mention each other. We present two sets of experiments predicting each attribute using (1) short context windows; and (2) a larger set of messages. We find that using all features leads to gains of 9-14% over using message text only.

Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing (CICLing)
Jonathan K. Kummerfeld
Jonathan K. Kummerfeld
Tenure-Track Faculty at the University of Sydney (mid-2022)

Postdoc working on Natural Language Processing.